Monday, November 12, 2012

project touch technologies @ Beverley School

congratulations to Alana Grossman (Principal of Beverley School), Stacie Carroll and Sabrina Morey who today received the Prime Minister's award for excellence in teaching based on their work in the Touch Technologies in the Classroom project. here they are receiving the certificates from Olivia Chow, MP for Ward 10 in Toronto.

on oct 22nd, 2012 i guest blogged about my involvement as researcher in the project on the school's blog called iPad Education and i highly recommend that you check out their blog for more information and insight on the work that is being done at this school.

60 Minutes (USA) and 60 Minutes Australia both ran feature documentaries on the project and the condensed versions of the broadcasts can be found here

60 Minutes US: Video 1 and Video 2

60 Minutes Aussie Video

finally, the Toronto Star featured a story today (Nov 11, 2011)on the project as part of their series on Autism and you may read that here

it has been a highlight of my academic career so far to have designed this project and worked with such amazing children and teachers.
best as always, R.